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Which path
do you want to choose?

Studying accounts has the potential to greatly expand your career options as you gain skills which are transferable between a variety of jobs, industries, and professions. For example, knowing how to budget can help you measure whether your project or your start-up is sustainable and profitable, as well as give you life skills, such as, knowing how to split the spend of your monthly salary.

Even better, qualifying as an accountant gives you immense possibilities as you can pick and choose between different types of specialisations and industries, and pair this with knowledge which gives you a unique perspective and, therefore, makes you more attractive to employers.

In short, you don’t actually have to choose one path as an accountant and stick to it forever. Your career options and profession attractiveness will continue increasing as you grow within the profession.

Ultimately, every business needs accounting systems, and digital advancements in technology are increasing the career possibilities for accountants, making them even more essential for the vast amounts of businesses which exist.


Explore some of the different career paths that choosing accounts can lead you to, whereas you can learn more about the different career paths of “Accountant working…”

Accountants as Service Providers


Accountants may provide a service when working within professional organisations which provide professional services to other businesses or individuals. These professional organisations are Service Providers, and the services may include accounting, taxation, audit and assurance, consultancy, policy, compliance, and risk management.


Service Providers might be individual professional accountants as well as firms who bring together a variety of professionals with different areas of expertise, depending on the needs of their clients. Service Providers offer services to different types of businesses from a variety of industries. The objective of Service Providers is to provide a service and bring value to their clients (the business or individual who would have requested their service).


In this way, accountants who work with Service Providers are helping their clients to capitalise on new opportunities and manage growth responsibly. Clients of Service Providers may be both local or foreign, of various sizes and types, such as public companies and institutions, private organisations, and governmental bodies.

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