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For Educators

At the Malta Institute of Accountants, we appreciate that your efforts as an educator are directed towards supporting your students’ learning journey, to see them grow into the young men and women who you envision them to be in their near future.

To support your students’ journey, the MIA is organising information sessions aimed at Year 8, Year 11, and Post-Secondary students. Delivered by professional accountants, these sessions showcase a true picture of the Accountancy Profession, providing your students with a glimpse of what their life could be like if they choose accounts as an O-Level subject and beyond. The sessions will also delve into the relevance of financial literacy and will help students make an informed decision about accountancy as a potential career path.


Accounts is, unfortunately, a subject which is surrounded by many myths and misconceptions. A common metaphor is to see the curriculum which is taught at secondary level as the foundation ‘bricks’ in a ‘wall’ which, once completed, would be elaborate and intricate. When students first start to study accounts, the topics covered are the ‘building blocks’ which they will need to be able to continue expanding and growing at a later stage, both in their personal and professional lives.

The practical day-to-day world of a professional accountant is ever changing and varies from the underlying topics which form the educational foundation. Nonetheless, one needs to learn to crawl before they can walk and learn to walk before they can run. Similarly, doing the groundwork requires grasping concepts which may seem tedious at first, but are essential for the students to know to have a good foundation in accounts, enabling them to strengthen the metaphorical ‘wall’ and advance within their professional careers.


Contrary to common misconceptions, a career in accountancy provides:

  • multiple entry points to qualify and attain the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Warrant, which can be later supplemented by a Practising Certificate in Auditing (where the primary routes are the Master in Accountancy degree from the University of Malta, or the ACCA Qualification through the MIA-ACCA Joint Examination Scheme),

  • attractive remuneration packages,

  • a high and consistent demand in the employment market for qualified accountants, who are offered an immeasurable number of opportunities within a vast array of industries, as well as a demand for employees with a financial background,

  • a solid business background that is transferrable across businesses and industries,

  • continuous learning opportunities ensuring necessary skills for sustained relevance,

  • numerous opportunities for travelling and related experiences,


and, so much more.


We appreciate the significance of your students being at this ‘crossroads’ moment, so to support you and your students, the MIA is endeavouring to visit every state, church, and independent institution. If you are interested in us visiting and delivering an information session at your school, get in touch with us.

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