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Why Choose Accounts?

Run the Show with Accountancy

Studying accounts will give you the knowledge on how to analyse and understand the business world. Accounts opens many exciting and different doors which will lead you to an ocean of opportunities, especially if you are still undecided on the direction of your future career path.

Interested in a career in Accountancy?

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Studying Accountancy at Tertiary Level?

What accountants have to say
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Although my professional journey has recently started, my experience in supporting clients and being involved in exciting projects has already been very fulfilling. The business environment is ever-becoming more complex, clients' needs are consequently changing, which has enabled a more customised approach making the profession more challenging yet more dynamic. The possibility of working abroad is another opportunity which the profession offers, enabling us to gain experiences which contribute further to our professional and personal development.

Mark Micallef

Associate in Tax and Legal Services, PwC Malta

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What path can Accounts lead me to?
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